Neil Spiers: Analyzing Trends to Help Shape the Future of Herbalife

Neil Spiers

When you’re involved in the planning of a global company’s future, there’s only one thing that’s more important than the rigorous development of that strategy. “It’s about conveying and fostering a sense of confidence in the ideas and plans we have and the direction in which we are going,” says Neil Spiers, Herbalife Vice President, Global Strategic Planning, Business Optimization and Real Estate. “As our CEO Michael O. Johnson likes to say, ‘The real value is in the conversations that go into building the plan.’
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Toni Piispanen: Team Herbalife Wheelchair Racer Competes to Be the Best

Toni Piispanen

For Herbalife-sponsored wheelchair racer Toni Piispanen, it’s about 20 meters into a race when he starts to get really excited. Why? “Because that’s usually the first time I notice that my competitors are behind me,” he says. It’s that winning attitude, fierce drive and optimism that have helped propel Piispanen to the highest levels of the sport, including his biggest win to date, taking gold at the 2012 international competition in London. As one of Finland’s most accomplished athletes, there is no doubt that his road to success has been paved with incredible challenges and hard work.

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