Toni Piispanen: Team Herbalife Wheelchair Racer Competes to Be the Best

Toni Piispanen

For Herbalife-sponsored wheelchair racer Toni Piispanen, it’s about 20 meters into a race when he starts to get really excited. Why? “Because that’s usually the first time I notice that my competitors are behind me,” he says. It’s that winning attitude, fierce drive and optimism that have helped propel Piispanen to the highest levels of the sport, including his biggest win to date, taking gold at the 2012 international competition in London. As one of Finland’s most accomplished athletes, there is no doubt that his road to success has been paved with incredible challenges and hard work.


Eduardo Peredo: Rally Car Champion Makes History for Team Herbalife

Eduardo “Happy” Peredo

Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.” That is a saying that mirrors Eduardo “Happy” Peredo’s reality. Born in Bolivia, the professional rally car driver and Herbalife sponsored athlete began pursuing his passion for racecars and adrenaline at a very young age.


To Eat or Not to Eat? John Heiss on Pre-exercise Nutrition

John Heiss

John Heiss, Herbalife Senior Director Sports and Fitness and dedicated endurance athlete, is in a perpetual state of experimentation when it comes to sports nutrition and training methodologies. He has extensive experience in fasted cardio, in which you work out on an empty stomach after not eating for typically five hours or longer. Though this method has skyrocketed in recent popularity, there is plenty of debate on the merits. “The general thinking is that by not eating food, your body tends to burn stored fat for energy, preferentially over the food you just ate,” says Heiss. “The thinking is pretty sound: your body will certainly burn the food you just ate, especially any carbs, before turning to stored fats for energy. But how does this translate into real-world application of results you can see? Training is a lot more than just trying to burn calories, so the answer is complicated.”


Robert Lockhart: Forging a Safer and Healthier Community

Robert Lockhart: Asociado de Herbalife Independiente

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a big city police officer and an Independent Herbalife Member, perhaps the best person to ask is a guy who wears both hats: Robert Lockhart. “There are definitely a lot of similarities,” say Lockhart. “As a police officer, I get to help make the community safer. With Herbalife, I’m making the community a better place through nutrition.” Each day that Lockhart puts on his police uniform, he says he feels like a hero. The same could be said for the way he feels when he’s wearing his Herbalife apparel. “Herbalife is about helping people live a healthy, active life. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of doing that”, he says.


Samantha Clayton: How to Plan a Successful New Year’s Resolution

Samantha Clayton

“Knowledge of self is the greatest of all knowledge,” said Dennis Baker, track coach to Herbalife Sr. Director of Worldwide Fitness Education Samantha Clayton. To this day, she uses Baker’s words to inspire as she educates and motivates people from all walks of life to create a lifelong fitness plan. Making a New Year’s resolution often demonstrates that individuals know who they are and what they need to do to be more successful in their life. “A New Year’s fitness resolution can get you to communicate outwardly about wanting to be healthy or get fit,” says Clayton. “Resolutions tend to be things that you share with your friends and family and I firmly believe that is a step in the right direction.”